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YWOW March Newsletter

YperStar of the Month -

Janice Tse

Janice is a Merchandising Executive at YWOW Brands. She has over 20 years of experience in Merchandising for a range of categories. Janice is now responsible for quality control processes of our products and following up with orders from around the world. Although she has only been with YWOW Brands for a few months, she is enthusiastic about her role and the difference she can make within the company.


/ What made you want to join a start-up toy company?

“The most important reason for me was my belief in myself. After obtaining lots of experience in the Merchandising field, I wished to challenge myself further by joining a fast-paced environment. It is also an important life mission of mine to prove myself as a passionate, tough woman.”

Janice feels that the energy within the Toy industry is incomparable to any other.

“Even before I had kids, I always saw Toys as a big source of happiness for families around the world. Being part of this kind of industry is fulfilling for this exact reason.”

/ You previously worked with sundries but have now joined the Toy industry. What kind of differences do you see, and what is your secret to adjusting?

“In general, a Merchandiser’s role is quite streamlined across the different categories. However, the one difference that stood out to me about YWOW was the connectivity among the departments.”

Janice suggests that this togetherness enables the company to grow explosively even during the most trying times.

“When adjusting to a new Merchandising role, putting a good deal of effort into understanding product specifications well is necessary. This saves a lot of time for everyone involved! And of course, passion for the new field is a must.”

/You are a mother of 2 children. How do you manage your time and energy between your family and work?

“Although it sounds simple, being highly focused while I’m at work is a big reason I can manage time well. My family is also a big source of motivation for me to really do my best wherever I am.

Janice makes the most of her free time to go outdoors with her children and play sports. She truly values the balance between work life and active life.

“As they say, work hard, play hard.”

/What is the atmosphere like in the YWOW Brands headquarters?

“Even on a Monday, the office is vibrant and full of energy. My colleagues are very young and move incredibly fast. There is such a positive mindset at YWOW that no obstacles or problems slow them down much.”


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