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Kids need a Break!

You are having breakfast, and your kid is staring at a screen, watching some cartoons. You come back from your work and your kid is still staring at a screen. You start to wonder, "Has he/she been playing with this device all day?"

Nowadays, very few activities don't include staring at a screen. It is hard for kids today to have a fun activity that does not employ technology. Thankfully, jigsaw puzzles are still fun and they will keep your kids busy and away from their phones and tablets.

Stephen King, Bill Gates, and even Queen Elizabeth are some jigsaw enthusiasts, and for good reasons. Jigsaw puzzles have been available since the 1700s. Studies show that completing a jigsaw puzzle has long-term positive effects on a child's development as well as on the health and well-being of both children and adults.

Jigsaw puzzles are available on a variety of subjects. Food items, popular world locations, animals, and cartoons like Cocomelon are all included in YWOW's enormous selection.


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