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YWOW June Newsletter

YperStar of the Month -

Crissy Fan

Crissy Fan is our new Marketing Executive. She is Jack of all trades. This multi-talented young lady has experience in sales and social media marketing and also likes to dabble in acting and is an influencer in her own right.


  1. / How did you learn about YWOW and what got you interested in joining the team?

“I was reached out by Michele on LinkedIn. Before this I wasn't actively looking at toy brands but still had the nostalgic interest in toys. I joined because I was offered a position I really wanted, and later rediscovered my love for puzzles.”

Crissy really likes the work environment at YWOW.

“I really like how easy it is to talk to everybody in the team. I enjoy the fun conversations and appreciate the same level of effort that everyone puts to make the magic happen.”

/ 2. What difference do you observe working at an established clothing brand and working at a startup like YWOW?

“Established clothing brands tend to have a much stricter system, which is important when there are so many departments, store locations, and employees.

Similar to startups, I grow comfortable to the people I’m closely working with, but any work related mistake would cause me an immediate consequence, like clocking in 1 second late would deduct half an our of my salary, and most explanations would not be accepted as they deal with too many people.”

Crissy feels communicating one’s views is much easier in a startup whether its vertical or horizontal communication.

“But start-up companies, being much smaller, have a way better communication system. At any point that I have something I don't understand, or if I make a mistake, I will always be able to voice out my reasons or opinions and have them properly reviewed pretty much immediately. I like getting to communicate with everyone and fully understanding how the company works.”

/ 3. You have done some social media internships; how do you think social media marketing has evolved in the last few years?

“Social media has developed a lot, but people still use the same few platforms that were popular 2-5 years ago, with Instagram still being one of the most popular. TikTok has now become the most popular app amongst the youth and it's where I'd like to attain more inspirations and reach out to more of those influencers to keep up with the younger generations.”

/ 4. Do you see any connection between your hobbies and the qualities that make you a good fit for a marketing/social media role?

“A lot of my hobbies have moulded me into this outgoing and talkative character. I love performing and I occasionally act for children's plays. And with my past working experiences, having dealt with clients of different demographics, I feel like my personality is a good fit for this role, and would love to pursue Marketing as a long-term career.”

/ 5. You have done a lot of jobs where you had to come in contact with consumers, what have you learned about consumer behaviour doing those jobs?

“I've learned that no matter what demographic I'm facing, as long as I'm polite and patient, or do my proper research, I will be able to understand their individual needs and cater to their ways of communication.

Through patiently understanding them and thier habits, I can then direct them to a product or service that best fits them.”

/ 6. What do you like most about working at YWOW?

“Being able to be a part of everything. I'm always involved in what's happening and I get to express my opinions and suggestions. It makes me feel important and I think it's something that every employee would love to have.

I feel like this kind of system encourages employees to want to work, and simultaneously makes them like their job more haha!”


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