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YWOW January Newsletter

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

YperStar of the Month - Shirley Lee

Shirley Lee is the Head of Design at YWOW Brands. She develops a wide range of new products for the company and is passionate about her job. She puts her heart into all of YWOW's products, helping push the company towards success.


/YWOW Brands has developed hundreds of new products this year - what is it like being the Head of Design at such a fast-paced company?

“Working in a fast-growing company feels like being in a rocket ship ready to blast off. There are a lot of very talented people in our rocket ship who are passionate and brilliant. They deliver great work, which makes it easier to stay motivated.”

Below is one of Shirley's favorite quotes:

People will be most creative when they feel motivated primarily by the interest, satisfaction, and challenge of the work itself — not by external pressures. (Teresa Amabile, ‘How to Kill Creativity’)“

Shirley has a strong passion to help YWOW Brands succeed and achieve their goals, and this gives her a positive attitude towards the work she does in the company.

/You were previously a designer at Mattel. How do your experiences with YWOW differ from your experiences there?

"Working in Mattel allowed me to develop valuable specialized design skills. My position there provided me with insights into a Designer's collaboration with different department experts such as Marketing, Engineering, Product Integrity.

With Shirley’s previous experience under her belt, she came across the chance to pitch her innovative ideas to YWOW Brands. Joining a company which only had 2 staff members at the time allowed her individual impacts to be more significant and fulfilling.

“I see that putting all my energy into this role is worth it when I hit various milestones with my team.”

/If you had to give some advice to a junior designer in Toys & Games, what would it be?

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, you’ll learn from them.”

“Embrace your opportunities with your enthusiasm.”

“Work hard and play hard.”


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