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YWOW February Newsletter

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

YperStar of the Month -

Sophia Lee

Sophia Lee is the Global Marketing Manager at YWOW Brands. She has worked in this company since there were only 3 staff members in the office. She has been exposed to lots of experience in YWOW's start-up environment and is ready for more challenges in the future.


/What do you find most attractive about YWOW Brands?

“The moment I stepped into the company which only had 3 staff members at the time, I witnessed a whole new level of drive. It was the kind of drive that made me think: Whatever we decide to do, we'll find a way to be the best at it.”

The office was tiny with no windows at the beginning, the team members had to learn to be the most resourceful they had ever been.

"We were constantly thinking on our feet and gathering what little manpower we had so we could secure amazing deals and partnerships. In my opinion, resourcefulness is the key to endless potential and I strongly believe this is something YWOW has an abundance of."

/What is the most obvious difference between working in a start-up company and a mature company?

Sophia thought that the range of experiences she gained exposure to was the most significant aspect of working in a start-up.

"The fact that your team has to fill all the different roles required to build a company up to a good size really forces you to learn effectively and efficiently."

"In a mature company, you don't really have as many opportunities to step out of your role and comfort zone. This is obviously a plus for someone looking for stability and a consistent pace of work, but when you're a driven 20-something, I really believe start-ups are the way to kickstart your career."

/If you had the opportunity, would you try to establish a company of your own?

Starting a company of her own is something Sophia wants to achieve in the future.

"I feel like becoming part of YWOW Brands is the best step I could have taken towards achieving this one day. Our CEO Michele gained a great deal of experience and connections while working as Zuru's General Manager, and this gave him the firepower to start his own venture. This is a fact our team holds a lot of respect for."

"Without doubt, my own learning process has only just begun. But I firmly believe I'll enjoy every step of the journey until the day I decide I'm ready for my own adventure."


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