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YWOW December Newsletter

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

YperStar of the Month - Alessandro Speciani

Alessandro Speciani is Ypernova’s Account Manager. He joined Ypernova and YWOW games back in August 2019. “I was given an entry level position as a Sales & Marketing Executive where I started step by step to gain experience in all the different aspects of product development leading up to the launch” As a sales executive, he was the first point of contact between customers and our company. This meant he was responsible for showcasing the value of our products to our accounts, showing them how they could benefit from us.


/What made you choose to stay in the company until now? “Commitment to the projects is a significant reason that made me want to stay in Ypernova.I knew Michele for a short while before joining YWOW, and the way he shared his projects and ideas really blew my mind.” “Working in an exciting and hectic environment that would keep me busy was the priority after all, and YWOW is a young company with limitless potential for excitement. Even now, we face new challenging tasks every day that we are honoured to take on.” Alex is stunned by the growth rate and global development of YWOW and is excited to work in different large-scale projects. /What was the happiest moment you had in YWOW? Alex’s first participation in the annual Nurnberg fair was one of the fondest memories that he had while working in YWOW. “I remember with joy and excitement going around all the stands with our “suitcase-packed showroom”. This meant we were carrying around a portable stall in a huge suitcase to meeting our first customers. Rather than becoming an obstacle, this helped us plan the releases of our new games after the successful meetings from previous HK fairs.”

/What have you gained while working in YWOW? “What I have gained the most while working here is the understanding that one of your most unused skills that can be developed while working is Empathy.” Being able to put yourself in the same mindset and environment in which the person you are talking to is in, really makes a difference.

/What is the market situation in Europe? Alex stated that the market situation in Europe is very “challenging” at the moment due to consecutive lockdowns and restrictions across many countries. The global sales in the Toys and Games category have become limited. "Focusing on a product category that can be sold across multiple channels was the right move to enhance our business and provide to our partners a solid alternative. I see a welcoming shift for the next season and I am sure the market will skyrocket to new heights in the upcoming year!"


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