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YWOW May Newsletter

YperStar of the Month -

Ellen Hau

Ellen Hau, one of our brilliant junior packaging & product designers. She has worked in YWOW Brands for more than half a year. She has made many fantastic products and packaging designs.


/Why did you wish to enter the Toys & Games industry?

“I was extremely interested in toys when I was a child. Working on toys helps me recall memories of my happy childhood. My enthusiasm for toys and games grew, even more, when I was working on my final year project at school which involved a toy company. By doing this, I became determined to gain a deeper understanding of the Toys & Games industry.

Ellen believes that toys bring joy to people and she wishes to deliver a positive message to consumers who purchase the toys that she helped design.

Drawn by Ellen at 6 Visual Diary at Year 1

/How do you feel staying in a start-up toy company? What is the most attractive characteristic of YWOW Brands?

Ellen has previously worked as a Graphic Designer in a different industry.

“Working at a start-up added to my understanding that the development of toys and games requires a high level of efficiency. I feel more driven with each passing day. Every day in the office, I am reminded how much I love being a toy designer!”

“I enjoy getting involved in different projects. Once a project is completed, it gives me a special kind of joy that I can't explain in words.”

Ellen further stated that YWOW has a very diverse workforce with people from many different backgrounds and cultures. She really enjoys working with them.

/How do you keep your creativeness and innovation in designing new products?

“I usually go window shopping and try to keep myself updated with new products in the market. This way, I am kept up to date with current trends which in turn influences my creativity.”

She also thinks that when it comes to designing toys and puzzles, you have to sometimes think like a consumer. It is the only way to develop a product that appeals to its target audience.

“Thinking from a user's perspective is important for a product designer. This is one of the reasons why I like chatting with my friends to see what they like and what interests them in their daily lives. Only then can I know what suits their interests best.”

/Do you have any suggestions for those fresh graduates who wish to enter the design field?

Ellen has three pieces of advice that apply to all graduates:

  • Be humble

  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes

  • Believe in yourself

She says that these are very important life lessons from her own experiences and that they are helpful words to live by no matter what stage of life you are in.

“For young people, I'd tell them to follow their heart. It is better to fail than to miss an opportunity and regret it later. Explore as much as you can, and get to know what you like the most!”


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